Saturday, September 8, 2012

My poor neglected blog

I anticipate getting back to regular blogging in October after J moves here for good.  K2 and I have been going to estates sales every weekend, but while we've found a few things here and there, there hasn't been anything too blog worthy. 

I have J's first project lined up when he gets here.  It is finishing a hutch we picked up in Germany.  It needs glass shelves and doors.  Once that's done, it's going into the front spare bedroom. 

Once his household goods arrive October 4, my house will be in disarray, but I hope to get everything taken care and put away quickly.  His couch and the Japanese cabinets are all going upstairs in K2's old room (which is currently empty).  I'll have to make room in "my" closet for him to put his clothes away and I imagine I'll be donating most of his kitchen stuff to Goodwill.

I'll be heading to North Dakota in October so I'll have some pictures to post then.

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