Sunday, September 23, 2012

Estate Sale Shopping

Yesterday K2 and I had a list of 5 Estate Sales to check out.  We headed out bright and early.  At the first sale we picked up a few things, K2 bought bows and a barometer and I bought the Rival Crock-ette (never used) for $3.00.  The ladies running the sale were enamored with Baby A and followed us into several of the rooms trying to get him to smile.  They would have gladly held him if K2 would have handed him over-which wasn't going to happen.  
The next sale we headed to had a line out the door waiting to get in.  Neither or us bought anything there.  They had a cupboard full of Waterford crystal glasses for $80 a glass-definitely outrageous prices.  I'll stick to my $30 for 6 Waterford glasses that I bought in Germany. 
 The next sale was the first one we had been to where I felt sad about the people who had died.  They were selling photo albums (par for the course at Estate Sales) but these were still full of the family's pictures.  Hopefully there just wasn't any family left and not that the remaining family didn't care.  K2 ended up buying 2 of the photo albums and some records.  She will just take out the pictures it contains and replace with her own.  Her new plan is to look for fabric at the sales to use to cover the albums.  Several houses we've been to have sold fabric, but now that it's on our list, we'll probably never come across it.  I also bought the "vintage" General Electric Automatic Food Cooker for $6.00.  I thought it looked interesting and after a quick cleaning, it should look brand new.  I'm sure once I lose interest I'll end up donating it to Goodwill.
At our 4th sale, the crowds were horrible, but everything was half off so we had to look around.  K2 didn't buy anything, but picked up 2 casserole dishes and 3 small "vintage" Corningware pans. 
Once J moves here for good next Saturday, the plan is for him to get glass shelves cut for a hutch I have in the garage.  It will be moved into what was previously the storage room.  I'll use the hutch for the "vintage" dishes I've been picking up lately. 
We didn't make it to the 5th sale as it ended at noon and by this time it was past 1 pm.


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