Friday, October 5, 2012

The Latest

J arrived very early last Saturday morning. The movers brought his household goods on Wednesday. They were scheduled for Thursday and I had already put in to take Thursday and Friday off, but ended up leaving around 9 am so I could direct the movers as they unloaded the truck.  
The truck originally pulled into the subdivision.

After looking in all of the compartments, the movers determined his stuff was on the other side, so they needed to turn around.

Here is a picture of the living room after they did their unloading.  This is just a small portion.  The majority is in the upstairs and I forgot to snap a picture of it.
One of J's first projects will be to finish this hutch.  We got in when we lived in Germany and I used the buffet part, but not the top.  The plan is to get glass shelves and doors cut and then it will move to what was previously the Storage Room, but is now the guest room.  The reason I want it moved into the house is to store the vintage Corningware and Pyrex I've been buying at Estate Sales that K2 and I got to every weekend.

This week, we decided to hit the sales today instead of tomorrow since I was off.  We went to 5 different places and either K2 or I bought something at all but 1.  The prices at the place were ridiculously high and the house was still packed.  Had they been reasonable, I'm sure we would have both found some things.

At any rate, I paid $17 for everything in the next 2 pictures.  I thought I did pretty good.

I've also done some cooking in the past week.  I made the Take Home Chef Orange Chicken.  It's always good.


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