Monday, November 12, 2012

Not a lot of bargains these days

We haven't found many bargains over the past two weeks during our Saturday morning estate sale shopping trips, but I did get the following:
First up is a Pyrex orange juice jar.  I paid a quarter for it; I looked on ebay and found they are selling for about $32.99, so I got a pretty good deal.

I also picked up this Corningware electric percolator for $4.00 (we hit the sale when everything was marked 50% off).  I looked online to see what their going price is these days and found they were recalled in in the 1970's because the handle could come off.  People are selling them for outrageous prices on ebay but they have to list them as parts due to the recall.  J hasn't used it yet, but the recall isn't going to scare him from trying it out. 

We've also been going to the Shreveport Farmer's Market each Saturday morning as well.  I got these button squash and found an Emeril recipe for pattypan squash and just substituted.

The end result was a little bland so I would spice it up a bit if I make it again.

K2 and the baby are moved in now; Buddy does not like the baby and generally just leaves the room when the baby is around.  The baby is laughing and grabbing things now and we put Elmo and Little Einstein's on when ever he gets fussy. 

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