Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finally Posting

I think it's about time to update the blog.  K2 and I have been going estate sale shopping the past three weeks, and I've been taking pictures, but I've been lazy about taking the time to post.  So here goes:

Week 1-I didn't pay over $10 for everything in the picture. 

Week 2: This was another less than $10 week.  I picked up this percolator for a dollar.  The last one I bought doesn't work that well; J has yet to try this one though (I don't drink coffee).

The next pictures are from this weekend.  We went out on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday's bargains came from a house that was filled with things.  K2 did not go with me, so I headed out with J.  I picked up the cookie jar for K2; the Corningware is for me.  Inside the cookie jar are cookie cutters.

This is also for K2.

Some of the cookie cutters (I'm keeping the biscuit cutters):

K2 went to a sale without me on Friday and she picked up 3 of the 4 Pyrex bowls.  When J and I went out Saturday morning, I picked up the other one (these were all from the same sale):

And finally, the sale that had the Pyrex went to 75% off today, so we took another trip there this morning.  Everything in the picture was $21.  The percolator is K2's, along with the thermos'. 

 I have been cooking quite a bit and made an Ellie Krieger recipe, however, it left a lot to be desired, so will obviously not be something I waste time making again. 

And finally, here's a picture of Buddy and baby A.  Buddy is not thrilled with him, but is tolerating the situation because he was on the couch, where he's not allowed.

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