Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flying Solo

Since K2 has moved on and J is currently in Ohio, I decided to go shopping this morning by myself.

There were 2 estate sales in the area.  There were tons of knick knacks and Christmas things at the first house and they were very cheap, but I just don't need/buy that stuff so I left with nothing.  At the second sale, there was a line of people waiting in line because it started a little later than these things typically do.   Everything was 25% off, and I ended up spending $7.50 for these items:

A white Pyrex bowl, that they were selling in a set with the other white bowl.  It doesn't have a maker's mark on it and I may end up putting it in my Goodwill pile.  I'll have to see.

And a Corningware Blue Cornflower dish

When I downloaded the pictures from my camera, the card had the pictures from Christmas in MI.  Here's baby A with his first snowman:

I told K2 to make a blog (that is private) so she could post pictures of him that only invited viewers could see, but so far she's not complying; especially since she's going to buy a fancy camera in the near future.  I don't have any more updated pictures of him, so I won't be posting anymore baby pictures, so she really needs to get on the ball.

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