Saturday, March 2, 2013

Recent Sales

I've been taking J along for the ride on Saturday morning's these days.  The problem is there hasn't been a whole lot of things that I like at them.  Last week we went to 7 sales on one day and the only I bought was these Tupperware canisters for $5.

My plan is to reorganize the pantry where everything is neat and I figured these may help.

Today, we went to 2 sales.  At one, the lady running the sale was late and it was 34 degrees in Shreveport this morning so it was pretty cold standing outside in the line.  When she finally showed up, we made our way in and left empty handed. 

Before going to that sale, we went to one that had a house full of stuff, but lots of shoppers who were buying a lot of things.  I ended up getting these (and I paid more than I would normally do--$20)

Tonight we are going to go to an auction.  It should be fun, if anything it gives us something to do.

I have been cooking lately and taking pictures, but the pictures haven't turned out so well.  I need to work on cleaning up the background when taking a picture.  Anyway, the best thing I made was pancakes from Cook's Illustrated.

There may be another post tonight if the auction proves interesting. 

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