Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're still here...

But, I just haven't posted, so here's what we were up to this weekend.
Last weekend we watched Anne Burrell make sausage, so J decided we needed to do that this weekend.  We used this recipe : Garlic Pork Sausage and this is what our links ended up looking like (not too bad).  It was a good recipe and now that we have the technique down, I expect we'll make more.

We also smoked a pork butt:

Finished product; I also made the smoked macaroni and cheese from the "Dadgum That's Good Too" Cookbook.  We haven't had good luck with this book and this was no exception, although I'm blaming it on J because he added a ton of apple chips when he put these in the smoker and I think it was just too much.  And this time, it wasn't just me that didn't like it.  He eats any and everything, but after taking a few bites, he actually threw the rest of his away.

This is a recent picture of Buddy.  His favorite thing is Cesar's dog food.  This is what he looked like after eating his dinner one night.  I guess it was good:

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