Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Latest

Last weekend, I finally got my office back.  This is a just a small portion of the stuff that we got rid of (by taking to K1's house).  It took J's truck and my vehicle to take everything, except the kitchen (for baby H).  We couldn't fit that in and since she's not going to need a kitchen for quite some time, we can take it some other time.
I did end up going to two sales before taking their stuff over.  I found some Corningware in a pattern I had never seen before.  It was a green day.  J's even paying attention to things.  When I showed him what I bought (he was helping K1 move, so I went out by myself), even he noticed that they were different.

K2 and Baby A went to Pensacola with J2 for the week.  He has some training he needs before deploying in October.  When he deploys, she will be coming here, so I need to get my house baby toddler proofed, especially now that he walks everywhere. 

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