Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today's Finds

It was up and out early this morning.  There were 6 sales to hit.  The first one on the list turned out to be a dud, there was no sale happening there.  The next two had nothing, ended up walking in one house and turning around and walking right back out.  It was a definite hoarder house with trash and nastiness inside.  It looked like they pulled the few "good" things they could find and had them in the yard for sale, but it was still junk. 
I ended up getting everything in the next picture at one house.  I'm not fond of the Corningware (Spice of Life) dish on the left bottom, but it was a dollar and I really like the size.  It's the only piece I have in that pattern, but won't be adding anymore.  In fact, I think from now on, I plan to pass up pieces in this size since my cupboard is full of them.  I went out into the shed and came out with the Pyrex lid and the lady told me there was tons of Pyrex out there yesterday and I missed it. 

I thought I got a really good deal with the next lot.  I paid $4.50 for everything in the picture, but it turns out while going through the bag, that "Nadine" liked to keep used bows from presents.  So only a small of amount of bows, ribbons and Christmas gift tags were usable.  I bought the Spirograph for K2 to use with Baby A when they get here in a few weeks.  I realize he's too young for it, but it may keep him occupied for a few minutes at least.

The trash I ended up tossing.

The remnants I did end up keeping.  I guess it did end up being worth the $1.00 I spent on the bag.  I now have enough ribbon to last forever. 

My German hutch is now getting pretty full, with all of my finds lately.  I'll have to do some cleaning to make space.  

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