Sunday, October 27, 2013

Less than $10

That's what I spent for the past two weekends combined.  Sales and bargains seem to be dwindling.  I'm not sure if it's because it's getting colder or just that time of the year.
I paid $3.75 for this baker.  The big surprise is that I do not have one in this size (and that includes my Polish Pottery) so it was a good buy.  It was originally priced at $5 but the estate sale company had already moved to their 25% off prices.

This weekend, the Shreveport Farmer's Market reopened so we stopped there first before hitting this weeks sales.  We were there before they opened, but the crowds were pretty non-existent.  We ended up buying tomatoes, patty pan squash and sweet corn. 

There were four sales around here yesterday with a whole lot of nothing.  I did buy some more Corningware, but only because I paid $5 for everything in the next picture and I like to use the dishes for leftovers, that I put in the freezer.  Works good.

Today is dinner with K1, D and Baby H.  K2 still has no clue when she'll be on the road here.  Maybe next weekend, she'll see.

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