Saturday, October 12, 2013

This weekend

A week ago Friday, I was still on Furlough from my job so J took the day off as well.  We headed out early that morning and hit a few estate sales.  I found a few things at cheap prices.  We also went to an antique mall in Shreveport that was packed full.  Prices were hit or miss, it's someplace I'll go back to when K2 arrives.  Friday night we headed to the hospital late to see baby H.  We took K1 and D some food and then left after about half an hour so they could try to get some rest.
My Friday finds:

On Saturday, we went back to the hospital for a little while, then left to run a few errands.  Saturday night we went to an auction in Springhill, LA.  It took us about 50 minutes to get there, and J didn't care for it as much as he typically does.  I wanted to go because the online pictures showed some Pyrex bowls, however, I ended up in a bidding war with some guy who looked like he belonged on Duck Dynasty and ended up letting him have them.

A view of the crowd (it did fill up a bit later, but not as packed as the other auctions we have gone to):

I paid $3.50 for this (no other bidders):

And $10 for this pair:

 While I was furloughed with a bit of time, I made green chile pork stew that turned out really good.  Definitely something I would make again:

I also made Tricia Yearwood's jalapeno bites.  This was also a keeper recipe:

My typical view when I'm making dinner:

The sales this weekend yielded several things.  I picked up some books for baby A as well as some mega blocks for him to play with when he's here.  I'm sure he'll do nothing but throw them.

I paid $ 16.50 for the four items in the next two pictures.  I passed by a lot of Corningware.  J told me I should buy those pieces and sell them on ebay, but I'm not sure I want to get into that business yet.  Maybe he can do it when he retires.:


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