Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Adventures Part 2

After Norway, we went through China and had egg rolls with a spicy orange sauce.  These weren't any better than what you could find in the frozen food aisle.

We walked through Germany and Japan but chose to by-pass their foods since we spent a combined 11 years living in those countries.

We also passed the food offerings in France because we were never a huge fan of their pastries.   They look pretty but we found they always looked so much better than they tasted.

We did decide to eat in Italy, even though we've been there as well.  We ordered arancini (I don't remember ever seeing this on the menu in any Italy that we had been to, but maybe we just missed it) and an individual pizza to share.  The pizza was great and definitely was like the pizzas K1 always ordered while visiting the "real" country of Italy.

The rest of our "world tour" still to come.....

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