Saturday, September 21, 2013

$12.30 spent today

Remember this guy?  Well, we saw him again this morning:

Only today, he wasn't so calm.  A van pulled up behind his car with two small dogs in it and he was going crazy.  He finally stopped barking long enough to take a picture of him.

We went to 5 sales today and I picked up some things at two.

These bowls, which I paid $7.50 for, but didn't realize until I washed them and went to put them away, that I already had a set. 

And these:

A plate and bowl set, that I paid a $1 for; they are for Baby A when he's here.

And some "vintage" stickers for K2:

I also passed by a few pieces of Corningware (at very good prices).

I'm not sure if we'll be going to any sales next weekend, since the 27th is supposed to be a long work night, but if I make it home by 9 or 10, I'm sure we'll be out and about.

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